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About Us

About Us

About Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center

Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center Residential Treatment Center for Adolescents

Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center is dedicated to providing quality comprehensive mental health care and education services for at risk adolescents, ages 11–17. We are committed to providing quality mental health treatment to those who are experiencing behavioral, emotional, educational, family and social challenges.

Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center is a fully licensed specialty Residential Treatment Center designed to re-establish healthy behaviors while successfully transitioning residents back into the family, home, school and community.

Service Excellence

Service Excellence is Palm Shores’ pledge to provide exceptional customer service to our patients, our referral sources, our employees, and our payers. All Palm Shores employees receive training devoted to delivering world class service. Adherence to Service Excellence principles are part of each employee’s annual performance evaluation.

Palm Shores Service Excellence Program encourages all employees to go “above and beyond” their daily duties. It applies to all employees, from physicians to housekeepers, from the CEO to the intern. At Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center, we see every individual patient, every family member, every mental health provider, every case manager, and all of our co-workers as customers. As an organization, we promote a culture that acknowledges strong performance in customer service.


We will never lose sight of the fact that we provide care and comfort to people in need. The patients and families who rely upon us are fellow human beings, and they will receive respectful and dignified treatment from all of our employees at all times.

Trauma-Informed Care

Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center’s goal is for all staff to assess, understand, and assist trauma-exposed children, families, and communities in trauma-informed ways.

Trauma-Informed Care:

  • Maximizes child’s sense of physical and psychological safety
  • Avoids re-traumatization of the child
  • Helps child to reduce overwhelming emotion
  • Physical & psychological safety is ensured
  • Trustworthiness is present

Some of our therapists are trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). TF-CBT includes insight-oriented written activities that are processed in individual and family therapy.

Auxiliary Aid Plans

Download our Auxiliary Aid Plan.

Welcome, from our CEO

Thank you for your interest in Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center.

At Palm Shores we are proud of our clinical program and services we provide for children and adolescents. We provide intensive, residential inpatient treatment for adolescents ages 11–17 years old experiencing behavioral, emotional, education, family and social challenges. Our commitment at Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center is to deliver high-quality mental health treatment services in a safe, therapeutic environment with compassion and respect for all patients and families. This commitment consistently produces high clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction scores.

At Palm Shores, our multidisciplinary team serves as the primary change agent and work diligently, every day to earn your trust by providing exceptional care to the patients we serve. We are proud of our professional team and their dedication to excellence in the treatment of behavioral health issues for our patients and family members. Our staff will be there to help you and your loved ones when the need arises.

Please review our website for more detailed information about our intensive child and adolescent residential treatment programs and contact Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center.

Thank you,

Bill Jordan
Chief Executive Officer

Wellcare Quality Award

Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center received the 2017 Wellcare Quality Award on August 9, 2018. Dr. Abid, Medical Director for Wellcare Health Plans, Inc., presented the award to Bill Jordan, CEO and Dr. Jaime Barker, Medical Director both of Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center.

The criteria for the award was based on medical records documentation, the relationship between the clinical staff of both organizations, readmission rates and an onsite audit by Wellcare. In a correspondence from Wellcare, it was stated that during the audit; “…one of the members from our quality staff visited your facility for an audit and saw how your facility operates first hand and said it is clear that the quality of care is communicated and modeled from the top down.” Wellcare also recognized Becky McDonough, Clinical Director at Palm Shores, as a major asset with treatment planning and reviewing.

Wellcare also praised Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center stating “… that it is very apparent that you all are providing outstanding care to a vulnerable and challenging population of Wellcare members.”

Don’t Wait, Help is a Call Away

Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center is dedicated to providing quality comprehensive mental health care and education services for at risk adolescents, ages 11 – 17. Call us today at 941-792-2222.