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Education Services

At Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center we also provide on-site academic instruction for our children with highly qualified, certified teachers. Educational assessments are conducted upon admission to tailor the material and teaching methods to each child’s specific needs. This educational experience is enhanced through computer-based curriculum and credits offered are transferrable to the child’s home school after treatment is complete.

Education is an integral part of the total treatment plan at Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center. Students who meet admission criteria are immediately enrolled in the education program through a contract with the Manatee County School District. Each teacher is Exceptional Student Education (ESE) certified in their core content areas under the Florida Department of Education.

Goals of the Education Program

  • Schedule classes/courses for credit towards promotion or graduation
  • Provide individualized educational support that addresses the residents’ academic, social/emotional and developmental needs
  • Facilitate a smooth transition from and to local education agencies
  • Ensure students are prepared academically for reentry to their local school and community


  • Therapeutic Education Model
  • Secure learning environment
  • High quality instruction for students in grades 6 – 12
  • Maintain student progression towards promotion and graduation
  • Behavior management system and structured behavior support throughout the school day
  • Collaboration with Treatment Team to address student progress and identify needs

REACH Program for Accelerated Learners

The REACH program allows for students taking advanced coursework to maintain a high level of academic rigor while receiving treatment at Palm Shores. Students in the REACH classroom complete their coursework using a blended learning model, giving them the opportunity to take advanced and honors coursework with the assistance of a Florida certified inclusion teacher. The small group setting and access to accelerated learning opportunities enables learners to have a smooth transition to and from school in our residential program.

Don’t Wait, Help is a Call Away

Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center is dedicated to providing quality comprehensive mental health care and education services for at risk adolescents, ages 11 – 17. Call us today at 941-792-2222.